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what to wear when…a fairy tale indebted corpse.

examples: the magician from сказка о силе-царевиче и об ивашке белой рубашке (sila tsarevich and ivashka with the white smock), the stranger from tre øre (three pennies), the hanged thief who transforms into a stone and an eagle from האישה שנתפסו (the ransomed woman)

the grateful dead tale type is one of the oldest traceable types in the world, dating back at least 2,000 years…the tales of earthly rewards received for providing decent burial to the dead were both didactical and entertaining…[the grateful dead character is] present in many cultures throughout the world. the most common story involves a traveler who encounters a corpse of someone who never received a proper burial, typically stemming from an unpaid debt. the traveler then either pays off the dead person’s debt or pays for burial. the traveler is later rewarded or has their life saved by a person or animal who is actually the soul of the dead person; the grateful dead is a form of the donor…it appears in various fairy tales, such as the italian fair brow, the swedish the bird grip and hans christian andersen’s the traveling companion.

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